FOCA Letter

Dear Congressman Hxxxx:

I chose “Other” as the issue from your list of topics.  I pondered choosing Health or Welfare, both of which make some sense to me in context.  But, “Other” is, as well, applicable.  It could stand for any, or all, of the categories you list as issues which might affect your constituents…and you…since, really, the issue is one dealing with life.

By that you may already have guessed that I am writing you regarding the issue so passionately written about in our Declaration of Independence, and, until recently in our history thought to be sacrosanct: the right to life.  How strange I find it to be writing to a Congressman to urge him to stand in support of that right and to vote against what has come to be called The Freedom of Choice Act when it is next introduced for review, debate and vote.

I am old enough to remember the way that our newspapers and other media dealt with the “human wave” attacks against UN troops in Korea, when thousands of Chinese and North Korean soldiers were hurled against positions in a mad attempt to overwhelm them.  Many of them were armed with nothing but sticks, many were unarmed.  They were expected to take weapons from their fallen comrades.  The methods were deplored as inhuman, and much was made of the “Godless Communist” callous disregard for human life.  I grew up when knowledge of the Holocaust, the mass exterminations of subject people, manufactured famines, the gulags and the purges by Nazis and Soviet Communists of “enemies” was fresh in the minds of everyone.  The universal judgment, here, was that such bestiality was uncivilized, inhuman and completely beyond the high ideals and total respect for the rights of individuals to live free from of persecution and death which were chief among our fundamental founding truths.

All the evidence is simply stated and incontrovertible…as ample testimony before Congress shows…that a human being is a human being from the moment of conception.  Indeed even pro-abortion people allow that what is taking place is the death of a human being.  To date, this country, which once was able without shame to criticize as inhuman and bestial the wanton destruction of innocent human life because someone chose to do has sanctioned the death of millions of innocents.  A cruelty which was punishable by death has become a right to be defended.

More’s the pity, those who wish not to assist by any means in the carrying out the slaughter, will have that right stripped from them under this FOCA bill if it passes.  One may conscientiously object to serving in the Armed Forces.  One may not under this bill object to the moral equivalent of murder as they see it, which it truly is.

If you believe there is nothing wrong with this,I urge you to change your mind on the subject, and to state publicly your opposition to the introduction of the bill.



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