Off With Her Head!

In a Buffalo, NY, suburb, of all places, comes the news that the owner of a television station…no doubt a small one…called “Bridges” has beheaded his wife.  The story as it appeared in a Buffalo paper, was brief.  The fellow doing the beheading is a Muslim, and his wife was, I guess, deprived of her head because she had filed for divorce.  He’s named Muzzamill Hassan (or some such), and she used to be called Aasiya, which is pronounced, funnily enough, Ahh-SEE-ya, as in “Good bye!”

It is obvious that she had lost her head in seeking a divorce in the first place.  The  actual severing of the head was only making plain to all what was obvious to the be-header, that she was gonzo.

The story goes on to report that Muzzy went down to the police station in Orchard park, the Buffalo suburb where the former happy couple lived, an told them his wife was dead.  Now, this, I think, could have been done for only the following reasons.  Any good Muslim knows that an infidel’s testimony is worthless against a Muslim in court.  Also, the headless former Mrs. Hassan was making quite a mess in the office (he did the deed in his TV office), and some cleanup needed doing.  Who better than a few infidel cops, such work being beneath a good Muslim’s dignity?

Now, some folks will say that only a mad man could have done such a thing.  The horrid nature of the act defies reason.  Well, correcto, as a noted scholar of my acquaintance often says, only a mad man could have done such a thing.  And, the horrid nature of the act does indeed defy reason.  But, one should by now have become very used to such horrors.  Not too long ago there was the report issuing from one of our big cities that a father had killed his daughter because she refused to marry the man he’d chosen for her to marry.  He was a Muslim and a mad man.

This was called an honor killing.  Honor killings are rather the thing among Muslims.  So, I guess, is madness, murderous madness.

I am waiting for the tabloids to splash this latest “honor killing” all over the end caps in the super markets, and CNN and MSNBC, those pillars of journalistic probity, to go live for the next three months with 24/7 coverage of the investigation and trial of Muzzy, and fill our eyes with the blood spattered walls of the TV station where the late Mrs. Hassan’s height was shortened by a head.

But, of course, I will wait in vain.  Very little was ever said in the German media about Nazi mad men and their murderous rampages.

While I wait…in vain…I will contemplate wedding gifts for Muslim grooms; double-headed axes, saws, hatchets, guillotines; useful things when serious work needs to be done.  Or, for the light tune ups the little woman may occasionally need, a knout or two, a cat o’nine tails.

The very funniest thing about all of this is that “Bridges”, the TV station where Aasiya was given her walking papers, is supposed to serve as a place to present a reasoned view of Islam, to bring people together, to show us all what the Religion of Peace is really all about.  And, it was all her idea to begin with.

I laughed my head off when I read that.


8 responses to “Off With Her Head!

  1. It isn’t merely Muslims, and this is what must be realized, though I doubt it will. My cousin was strangled to death by her husband (then he made it look like an in-home fire/explosion, but the coroner found the truth). My Dad nearly killed me and my mother more than once, he just didn’t quite have the whatever it is a person needs to finish the deed.

    Unfortunately, this will probably explode into a “Muslim” image, when, in reality, men of all persuasions have been murdering their mates for centuries. Some use religion as a convenient excuse. Others simply see women as theirs to do whatever they want.

  2. Quiet a tale! I suppose we could call this a case of an alternative lifestyle.

    It is true that men have been murdering their significant others for eons but it is also true that there is a very high incident of “honor killings” among Muslims . One would think this incident would attract more attention. But it has not and that is curious.

  3. hmm yah well…on the other hand…women in general do need to learn their place….muslims always err in excess….but it used to be the common law that man and woman were legally one…our civilization recognized that only one person can be the head of a marriage at a time….and of course God explicitly said, that person is the man….and it’s quite true that when men are abandoned by their women they can go quite crazy….instead of making that possibility more difficult, public policy for the last 80 years or so has been to make that situation easier and easier…women–some nuns and the aged excepted–being literally insane half the month, it makes no sense to me to give them equal rights under the law unless, for some overrriding circumstance relating to the common good, it becomes necessary to do so…I’ll bet this post takes the cake for popularity…I’m not advocating murder; however some women actually deserve to be beaten…sure, so do some men….that’s why women have brothers…but alas all this is pure theory…the kind, gentle, all-knowing, all-powerful hand of leviathan has decided to handle all the problems of the sheeple on our behalf…what do we know….baaaa

  4. While there has been much done in the way of dealing with the problem of abuse within the family here in these Untied States, and in the slowly fading away Western World no one will deny that more could be done. It is a credit, at least, that the problem is realized, and the “rule of thumb” is becoming a dead letter.

    My little exposition, though, was not intended to address the broader problem of rage, its effects and the punishments available. It was merely to point out that Mr. Hassan, and his co-believers are members of a religion which allows and encourages, demands, that such “stern measures” be taken whenever they must, and justifies them in the name of some perverted notion of honor and right order.

    We make a great mistake, a fatal one for women and children, if we consider this merely a species of the kind of despicable violence visited on each other by family members in Western Society…such as it remains for the time being…today.

    Not too long ago a young woman in Saudi Arabia was condemned to prison with the added punishment of 100 lashes. Her crime? She had committed adultery. How? She had been gang raped.

    While our consciences are outraged at the penalty, the consciences of nearly 1 billion Muslims hear of that and say, “Well, why not?” That is the gulf which separates us, and the flood which is coming.

  5. musama al gerandi

    Of course it is true that women by theit shameless behavior can bring discrase on their family.Such punishments as are meted out are necessary to prevent other women from emulating the shameless behavior of their sisters .In our countries you do not ,thank God ,see women parading half naked through the streets tempting men with their nakedness. Before critizing Islam look at your own decedent sex and drug addicted society,only under I slam is the sancity of the family honored and only in a society where the family is honored can civilization florish

  6. After reading a post like this, I am convinced that I need to spend time learning more about the Muslim faith. I don’t believe that the religion explicitly dictates violence against women; rather it is an interpretation of some on the extreme side.

    Many faiths have perpetrated violence against women; for example the Catholic faith and the Witch Trails where it is estimated that millions of women died brutal deaths.

    As a Christian, I love all of my brothers and sisters, no matter what their faith is.

    And, I pray that Aasiya is at peace with our Lord.

  7. Lori writes:
    “Many faiths have perpetrated violence against women; for example the Catholic faith and the Witch Trails where it is estimated that millions of women died brutal deaths.”

    I would like you to give some examples of the violence perpetrated against women by the “Catholic faith”.

    “Millions” of women died brutal deaths during the Witch Trials?

    The entire population of the Plymouth and Massachusetts Colonies in 1690 was less than 60,000 persons. The population of a ALL of the colonies was approximately 210,000. I wish I had been there to see those millions of witches flying in from all over the world to be a part of the big shindig in Salem. I wonder what they did with all of those leftover brooms.

    Just for the record, less than one score of women were put to death by the Puritans during the witch trials. Too many, to be sure, but a drop in the bucket compared to the blood shed daily by the “religion of peace.”

    Note also that for examples of violent Christianity we must always search the distant past, while for examples of insane Islamic violence we need only search the daily news wire.

    Wake up, people.

  8. Well, it’s not exactly true that good ole Islam does not advocate killing your wife, or any woman for that matter. Women in the muslim faith are less than dogs, only good for procreation and entertainment of the menfolk. That is, unless you are in a western country trying to influence the infidels that you are a “peaceful” religion. You need to take a look at the writings of Mohamed and not just take for granted the propaganda lines that are currently being put out by the church of Islam. Women are not even human and you want to talk about slavery??? A man can do whatever he wishes with any female in the family. Don’t take my word for it… go read it yourselves.

    Oh, and as far as peaceful, the Koran is a progressive document. When the prophet was having trouble getting along with everyone, his writings were peaceful, and these are the quotes you will see thrown about, but, as Mohamed became stronger, his rhetoric became a bit radical, advocating forcing folks to follow him or die by the sword. So, it is not a matter of a few radicalized Muslims… it is a matter of how far they wish to interpret the Koran as applicable to their own situation. If they take the entire book, then they are lying when they tell you they don’t believe in forcible conversion. In fact, for a Muslim to lie to an infidel, that isn’t a problem at all.

    Oh, and there are also several layers of Jihad. One is a quiet Jihad, meaning working your way into a society, gaining acceptability before pulling out your sword and cutting off the head of your unsuspecting and trusting neighbor. Might better start watching your back when you visit those gas stations!

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