A 9/11 Feeling

I suppose it was a kind of one two punch…or one, two, three combination.  But, I have to say in my defense that I was utterly unprepared.  Perhaps that’s why I am still a bit dazed, uncertain of where the ground is anymore, uncertain if what my eyes see, my ears hear, is really there.  I have been beaten up, real bad, and it’s a beating I won’t soon forget

Hear me out…

On the way home  from the Rectory yesterday afternoon, a ride of about three minutes, the radio was on the local NPR station, and the “communist news” as I call it was on. The bright voiced news reader introduced a story about test tube babies and their fathers.  Only she didn’t call it a story about test tube babies.  She used another term which I now can’t remember. She explained that the laws governing the identity of the men who provide sperm for these procedures are very strict. (Well, duh, consider what method is used!  You want that news on the street?) They can only be identified by number. This is the segue into another bright voiced young broadcast journalism grad’s story about a woman in SoCal whose son’s father was a a guy who is forevermore known as Number 1083, and how one day she started a web site to connect with the other folks who had benefited from a close encounter of the weird kind with Number 1083. Turns out there were five half-siblings her son had out there, and five is about the average, though there’s one guy who’s had a hand in the production of about 104 kids.   Most of these are born to single mothers…can I hear another well, duh!..and most of the rest go to lesbian couples who want a kid.

Now at about this time I want to pull over and throw up. I want to scream, “Have you people lost your bleeping minds?!” In fact I did scream that.  What, if anything, is right about this way of bringing a child into the world…unless you are a salmon or a sea horse!

Wait!  Wait!  The tale continues with the mother and web site builder and her spawn traveling to NYC from Stupid, CA., to meet the first of her son’s what do you call ’ems. “I didn’t know how I’d feel when we met,” she says. “But it was all so natural.”   (Insert double Duh, here.)  She described how she and the other woman hugged each other and how the kids got on so well, and how, while at first she didn’t know how to feel or what to call “it”, she’s come to think of “it” and “it’s” mother as, somehow, family, and “it” as one of her son’s siblings; of whom, as I said, there are now five.

The truly wonderful ending to the story this lady tells…this will bring a tear to your eye…is that she received a card from “it” when she got home, and the envelope was addressed “M.O.M.” for “MY OTHER MOM”. How nice.

How soon I wondered, how soon before this is the preferred way.  I turned it off after listening for a few seconds more about how not too many folks conceived via what is commonly referred to as the turkey baster method are so motivated to find out who else received the “Salmon Treatment” from “D.O.D.”, DEAR OLD DAD, known only as some number, somewhere.   But, says the BYT (that’s Bright Young Thing) with the microphone in a wonderful piece of editorializing, those who do are discovering a whole new meaning of and dimension to…or some such doublespeak…the word “family”.  It’s so “G” rated wholesome the BYT seems to say.

Disney on acid. The whole world on acid.

I know how it feels to be a gawker, now, a witness to some kind of tragic mess on the highway, or someone standing behind the police tape at a particularly gory crime, unforgettably disgusting in its violence and brutality, its pure mess.  You’re revolted, fascinated, perhaps moved with compassion and literally in shock by the senseless idiocy, the absurdity of the thing.  And somewhere there is the sense of creeping horror, and the fear that this just might be permanent.  Please God, you want to say, anything but this.  Call it a 9/11 feeling.

And once again I am forced to think about the Poor Schlep who created us. There he is listening to the same program and hearing the voice from somewhere below him saying,” Yah, yah, yah yah yah! I win again. Just look at them, will you. No, you can’t. Can you. A new kind of family. I will show her all about the pleasures of family life some fine day, her and DOD #1083.”


9 responses to “A 9/11 Feeling

  1. musama al gerandi

    Now you are seeing the consequences of the moral depravity of your sex and drug addicted so called “W estern C hristain Civilazation” O nly by turning to the principals of Islam where such behavior would not only be forbidden but unthinkable,because we men still controll our women.
    W omen are weak and unclean creatures who must be protected and controlled by their intellectual and moral superiors,in the West you seem to have forgotten this.
    Man is the natural head of the family,if his wives and children are not subordinate to his direction then society will suffer the consequences ; sa you are doing now.

  2. musama, you are mostly right about everything pertaining to our civilization at present and the role of women…but about your religion being the answer….sorry…you are dead wrong…because the Lord Jesus Christ is raised from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father…He is, Who was from eternity past, and has come to be one of us to redeem us from our sins….and He will come again to judge the living and the dead…and of His kingdom, there will be no end.

    I observe: that which from the start has lifted, and still today, lifts up its voice in opposition to the madness you rightly decry, is, the Roman Catholic Church…which wills the salvation of all men…including you.

    But this gift can only be received by the soul free to receive it…and not at the point of a sword. Your understanding of the Almighty, Holy One, is perverted.

    Christ came to set us free. Yes, free. Women also. Though that does not mean they are free to disobey their husbands. Nor is this freedom for the sake of anyone’s license.

    We Christians have greatly strayed, and God may make an end of us. But as for the Church, the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

    Musama, read not only the Old, but the New covenant scriptures. There you will meet the true Jesus Christ.

  3. Believe it or not, but I’m not in total disagreement with you. Just because science can do something doesn’t mean it should be done. I do not worry, though, about a Brave New World of Alphas, Betas and Omegas.

    Nature, God and the things that are of our truest, collective essence always – and always will – win out in the end, I believe.

  4. Dear Musama,

    Most of the heroin used in the west comes from opium farmed in places like Afghanistan and the Anatolian Plateau of Turkey, and refined in laboratories in Iran and the Bekaa valley in Lebanon. These lands have long been Muslim.

    While they have no trouble exporting lethally addicting substances to other countries they have great trouble admitting they are in any way culpable for being a source of supply. Of course the tribal chieftains and Sheikhs in Afghanistan, the corrupt officials in Turkey and the terrorist Hizbollah radicals in Syria and the Bekaa believe that any kind of evil is just fine, thank you, as long as it is not being used by good Muslims. This moral blindness is, itself, a greater evil than any committed by a “depraved” Western drug addict.

    I could go on about the relative merit of the evils of both our societies, Western and Muslim, but I need only point out the essential difference between the two, the essential and saving difference. In the Christian West we believe that man is an imperfect creature, he has fallen and is in need of salvation. We believe further that a loving God has provided the means, Himself paying the price to redeem everyone, all men and all women, His beloved children.

    That is why we may love even those who hate us. As a matter of fact we must love them. That is why we do not murder those who do not believe what we believe, or condemn those who, regrettably, convert to some other faith tradition. That is why we pray for those who persecute us, and there are many such in Muslim countries.

    Before you begin to criticize or scorn your neighbor, sir, may I quietly suggest that you take a look at your own house and see the dirt which has accumulated there.

    You are welcome to visit this site and to offer your comments, but it would be more helpful if you were honest in your assessment of the facts. One of those facts is that the very technology which allows you thus the opportunity to speak as you do is the result of “depraved and decadent” Western Christian civilization. Finally, the very fact that you may say the things you say about Christianity is a result of Christian Western thinking. Were I to say the same thing about Islamic Civilization…such as it is…in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia or any of a number of Islamic countries I would be arrested and imprisoned, and, possibly, sentenced to death.

    There are others, of course, but you may be too afraid or ashamed to face them.

  5. musama al gerandi

    We do not force anyone to consume the opium poppies that grow so abundantly in our lands.What is the emptiness ,the spiritual poverty that lies at the heart of your so called ‘Western Civilization”,that makes it necessary for you people to seek oblivion through the consumation of vast amounts of mind alterating drugs.I have read your so called H oly Books and the writings of some of your learned theologians ; they often read more like the babbelings of drug addicted mad men H oly T rinity ,three persons in one God, I ndeed ,how can that possibly be ,three persons but only one Person what childess foolishness.T here is only one God Allah, blessed be his Name and Muhammed is his prophet.
    T he K oran acknolwdges Jesus as a prophet and H oly man ,why can you also not acknowledge
    M uhammed.
    C ome live among us you will not be martyed. Unless you desecrate our Holy P laces , desrespect our women and blaspheme Allah Your President lived among us in I ndonesia for several years he was welcome as you will be Many of your oil company executives have lived among us for years and have experienced our hospitality.For many years the Bushes have maintained a residence in Saudi A rabia.The B ritish P.M lived in Pakistan for several years.
    Come you will be welcome ,just please don’t try to convert us and you will not be persecuted, you have my word

  6. Dear Musama,

    I read a lot of “if” and “unless” in your comment above, quite enough to tell me that unless I remain a good little infidel, knowing my place and staying in it, bad things will happen to me should I spend any time in a Muslim society. And, according to the way you and your brothers in the faith think, this would be a good thing, since I would have shown disrespect to your beliefs.

    You expect from me the kind of thing you demonstrate you are incapable of. Were I to say about your prophet and your holy texts what you have written about mine, you would desire my death.

    I do not desire yours. It simply saddens me; this double standard. You cal it faith. I sense fear.

    I have no desire to convert you. I could not, anyway, against your will. Conversion should never be imposed. It is a crime against the will to demand one accept something they do not believe, as it is a crime against the will to force someone to deny something they do believe, or have come to accept.

    You say you do not force anyone to consume drugs, and this is true. That, however does not absolve those who cultivate opium poppies, traffic in opium resin and manufacture heroin in Muslim lands from the sin they commit or exonerate them from their crimes against their brothers and sisters, no matter who they are, where they live or what they believe.

    This God sees, and this God takes into account.

    Now, I think we have answered each other. Further comments on this matter will be closed.

  7. Jan Petrovsky

    The spiritual poverty of our Western civilization is located not in its heart, but in its mind, and this poverty is called modernism. It is a heresy that evolved out of the heresy of Protestantism, and as you observe, is an ethos that has spread itself throughout our civilization affecting Protestants, Catholics and everyone else. But it is an aberration. You have misunderstood us.

    As for your famous hospitality, it is a noble thing.

    As for being martyred, there is no shame in that, as you should be the first to know–so long as the cause is true and just. It is about the cause that we disagree, and always will disagree. Thus efforts at true conversion will never cease, when they are exercised with respect to human dignity. For the Christian aims to convert the inward man, in his heart–and first of all, his own heart–to the life and love of the One God, Who lives and reigns forever in perfect beauty, and holiness, and truth.

    As for the Trinity, you know not of which you speak; I suggest you say nothing, for blasphemy is the greatest of sins, as you should know.

    You will know the tree by its fruit. We cannot respect Mohammed for he is an imposter. Look to his deeds and you will not be able to escape that conclusion. But no man has ever looked at the life and words of Jesus Christ and failed to be moved. Read the New Testament.

    • Hello Jan,

      Happy Feast Day. St. Casimir was a good man.

      I thought I had closed the comments for this thread after Musama’s last piece and my reply. But your eloquent explanation of the situation makes me regret my decision. I will, then, reverse myself. If Musama wishes, he may reply. I expect, though, the same courtesy and respect from him as you have shown.

      Let there be no denigration of another’s beliefs.

      Peadar Roe

  8. Jan Petrovsky

    Hello Dr. G,

    I hope he returns. The opportunity to search for truth in respectful dialogue is one of the glories of the West.

    The Inquisitors of old never condemned others without fully hearing and understanding what they meant. Their concern was for the souls of all–the person in error, and also other people to whom the person in error might spread his contagion. But they embraced fully, and had no fear of, both fides, et ratio.

    In the West today our attitude is self-contradictory. On one hand we say, ‘since there is no truth–or if there is, no one could possibily know what it is–everyone should be allowed to say anything he wants.’

    On the other, this laissez-faire attitude does not have freedom to extend its scope to certain areas of discussion, most especially relating to race and religion.

    The point of having open discussion is to arrive at the truth. Discussing things with the assumption that there is no truth is pointless bleating, and discussing them while assuming that certain things cannot be discussed because we have already decided what the truth is about them, is communistic.

    Human dignity demands we have freedom in order to search for the truth, not freedom for its own sake or for the sake of license. But the muslims of the world see our present state and say that they don’t want freedom. I think their reaction is quite understandable.

    When the so-called wonders of freedom arrive in their countries, the first things they try to establish are abortion rights, easy divorce, available contraception, and the right to look at internet pornography. Many, perhaps a majority, in the West, far from being disgusted, remorseful and ashamed of these developments, hail them as being progress for women and freedom for all mankind.

    True Catholics and muslims ought to agree that such freedom is not worthy of the name and we ought to be united in opposing its awful destructive powers. The West has become the enemy of all of us in that respect.

    Additionally I don’t think God could possibly be on our side when we spread such evil around the world. The fact that the muslims are spreading and filling the earth, and we are declining, seems to me to be the ultimate proof of that. The center of the propagation of evil is Europe, and the muslims are displacing the Europeans. In ‘backward’ America, thank God, it will take longer.

    The salvation of the West is not in faith in science, progress, and missiles, but in repentance.

    If we fail to repent then it looks like the muslims are going to win. But winning will not secure for them eternal life. It is the West which has this gift, and it is to our shame and destruction that we have obscured it. If we make a god of ourselves, we will reap our reward just as the Jews did time and again in ancient history.

    At least the muslims don’t make that error–they confess that there is no god but Allah. If anyone honors God, God will honor him.

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