What Has The Emperor Got On Now?

The Catholic Thing is a website that I visit from time to time. Interesting folks say interesting things there; things that almost never make it to the surface in the wide and deep waters of the Main Stream Media.  Nonetheless, it is worth the effort to hazard the uncharted and dangerous  swamps of  places like The Catholic Thing for what one may stumble upon, all the more valuable for it’s brilliance amid the slime of reactionary, religious pedantry so characteristic of such places.

Some of you may know that there are Catholics who are truly faithful and also intelligent.  By truly faithful I mean that they accept and live by the doctrines and dogmas of what truly faithful Catholics often refer to as Holy Mother Church, she who gave birth to us, loves us and nourishes us; well those of us who are left, I guess.  Unless, of course we want to run for any elected office or run a college.

By intelligent I mean that they are not media stereotypes of faithful Catholics; either grim rich Republicans from Connecticut, Orange County or Northern Virginia, or rosary swinging, kerchief covered shapeless old hags from an ethnic ghetto in Philadelphia, New York or some failing rust-belt wreck in the red midlands, or their chain smoking, beer swilling, Rush Limbaugh listening spouse, who live to kill Jews, keep immigrants where they belong, which ain’t here, hate women enough to force them to stay pregnant when it doesn’t please them and insist on thinking marriage and family are more than words whose meaning may change like the weather.

One of those who are truly faithful is a Jesuit, Father James Schall…a minor miracle in my way of thinking.  Father Schall teaches at Georgetown University, which used to be a Catholic University in Washington DC.  That he is still on a the faculty is a lesson in miracles and the fact that for the truly faithful few who follow Christ this world is a vale of tears.  Pray for Father Schall, please.

A few days ago the source of all hope and the agent of change in the direction of all that is good and progressive, and the most aggressive supporter of murder ever in the history of the country…our President Barack Obama, peace be upon him…came to Georgetown to give a speech at some well known speech giving location.  So that it might not seem as if he was endorsing any religion, especially in a place from which religion has been banished, the White House asked them to, and the formerly Catholic administration of Georgetown eagerly agreed to, cover up any signs of what some might consider its once Catholic identity; including a large gold IHS on a pediment above the stage where His Hopefulness was going to speechify.

(Now given the state of things most folks these days would see IHS and think it might be the logo for something like International Hockey Sticks, and I believe Georgetown does have a hockey team, but that ain’t the case.)

Not a word was going to be mentioned, and who would have thought anything of it.  After all, we have emptied most of the language of any meaning so far; marriage, death, pregnant, life, belief and hope are shape shifting like fog in a high wind.  Who should give a tinker’s damn if IHS stays, goes or becomes the logo for an athletic equipment chain.  It’s not even a word.  It’s only initials, letters.  Maybe it’s merely some dyslexic’s attempt to write HIS…oops, that’s vaguely familiar, and perhaps religiously significant.  I mean, if killing people is now promoted as helpful medicine, then what matter covering up something which some fools may have once thought was a reference to the very author of life, and bringer of hope?

We all know who that really is.  Don’t we?

Well some folks noticed and asked a couple of questions.  One of them was, “Why?”  The other one was, “Who?”  The answers came quickly enough.  Who?  Us, meaning the folks who run GU and the White House, now known as Hope Center.  Why?  Well, umm, “Because!” is about all I can figure out, followed by, “If you don’t like it, lump it.”

This stuff doesn’t make for good headlines, so you probably don’t know about it.  I mean it ain’t a fire, a pirate attack, a drunk rock star lumping up his girl friend or some starlet’s latest tattoo.  So, it doesn’t run.  Who cares?

But it does make for some witty observations, some pin pricks in the balloon of pretension swelled by all the hot aired puffery surrounding the Messiah of Manipulation.

And, that brings me around to The Catholic Thing.  Father Schall…did I ask you to pray for him?…is joined by Mary Eberstadt in a couple of short comments on the “cover up” at Georgetown.  You are entitled to ask who Mary Eberstadt is.  She’s another intelligent Catholic; a genuine brainy lady, who has a darn good sense of humor.

It’s one of the things I like about good Catholics.  Again, contrary to popular opinion, they can be very funny.  Read the articles found at the link below and try not to laugh (while you may be holding back tears of sadness for, or grinding your teeth in frustration and anger at, the fools who run both the country and what was once a nice “Catholic institution of higher learning”, but is now a something or other in the “hopeful tradition”).

Laughter is good medicine, and it doesn’t kill anyone.  Come to think of it, it is not yet a crime to laugh at such stupidity, nor would it be a violation of your conscience, unless you belong to ACORN, Planned Parenthood, NOW or NARAL, to do so.  Fear not, though, if you do belong , things will change.

And pray for Mary Eberstadt, too.  She does the work of God in the world, with a bright smile.

Here’s the site: http://www.thecatholicthing.org/content/view/1476/


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