A Short Observation About Fools

August is the foolish month.  But, it is nearing the end of August, thank God.  Because, since the beginning of August, the most uncomfortable month of the year, we have had to suffer much more than heat and humidity.  We have had to suffer the near presence of those loudmouths and fools we send to Washington, DC, just to get them out of the way, and allow us normal folks to live, more or less, peacefully.

They have found a reason to come back and affront us with their acid mix of pride, ignorance, pomposity and privilege, especially galling since we pay them well to stay away.  This time the occasion for their return is their concern for our health, and a desire, I think, to set a record for spending which may never be equaled as long as time exists.  Alas, it is one of the times of the year when I wish there were no such thing as freedom of speech.  Others occur around the time of the Super Bowl and its excess of stupidity.

They, politicians, are an intrepid, if slightly crazy, band.  Most of them think they are up to some good, and this is a dangerous thing.  And so, an army of politicians has invaded the country.  A series of battles have already taken place with honest folk, worried that something bad may actually happen if the politicians are left alone. Protests and insults are hurled.  Most of these appear in the form aggrieved cries of outrage from those we call our representatives and editorial protests in the press that people are actually exercising that right I spoke of.

On the one side are the forces of social regression, which is what politicians and the press call voters. Against them stand the brave men and women who raise the banner of compassion, health and happiness against dark misery and illness.  The very interesting thing is that no one on either side understands the issue which joined them in battle.  Who could?  It is a piece of legislation written in a style which Lewis Carroll would envy.  Instead of humor, though, misery will result.

Anent misery I offer this small story, unnoticed of course. Nonetheless: http://www.thecatholicthing.org/content/view/2072/2/

It is a story of another misery, suffered by millions and to be suffered by millions more if the Prime Minister of Hope and Change gets his way. Please read it and know that reliable and peer reviewed, but nearly unknown, research has shown how common this malady is; not to mention the fifty percent mortality its onset causes.

In a related vein, I was delighted to know that recent medical studies have proved that nursing a child greatly reduces a woman’s chance of contracting breast cancer. I remember reading the disdainful and sarcastic reactions to the studies which appeared a few years ago showing a link between abortion and breast cancer.

And, now?

I wonder, then, if there will come from some place within the vast beast that is the NIH an announcement linking the information provided by these two bits of science and suggesting that we might, umm, either provide mastectomies as a prophylactic measure to women who abort, or simply stop doing the latter and save two lives.

I shall wonder on that for a bit, and contemplate what fools we are.


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