What You Have Seen (for RMS)

(Ubi sunt…)

….And you come now above the river at its pause.

The precipice allows great sweep of space and time

And you have seen across and back the passing years

Reflected in the water and your mind.

I have been in your place and seen what you have seen;

The water still and hesitating in the moment in between

The coming and the going of the eternal tide.

It will start again. Do not think it will always be so still

Evoking sweet reveries from your aspect on the hill.

Until at last, so the learned say

Hill and water and fallen leaves

And you and I and memories;

And even light itself will pass away.

What a poet’s eye may see and a poet’s soul may wish

To capture and remember as a meeting

Of all in an instant fine and polished as the Incarnation

Simple science numbers and predicts

The geometry of death from it

In powers of ten

When all

Will end.


One response to “What You Have Seen (for RMS)

  1. You are embodying God’s poetry when you write thus, a grace that waltzes straight into Eternity.

    Make sure to leave volumes of your work behind for others.

    Look for me in the poets’ section in Heaven, or my little corner of THE Garden that I’ve cajoled Jesus into promising me.


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