The Senator, Hip Deep

(With deep apologies to Lewis Carroll)

Hip deep in snow on the capital steps
The senator, red faced, huffed and said,

“This world of ours is getting warmer by the minute;
The evidence is irrefutable.
Though every day or so there’s a storm or
Blizzard it’s indisputable.
We’ll see the mercury rise any minute now,
And that’s why my proposal makes sense
Based on the plainly visible evidence,”

He paused and looked about him.  Though
The Walrus paid him no attention, the Polar
Bear, nonchalant, inched a little closer.

“This morning I have introduced a bill
To provide everyone a string bikini.
All of us young or old, fat or skinny
Will get at least two.  That way we’ll
Survive the coming heat wave due
I understand,” he looked at his wrist,
“This afternoon at three precisely.
So say the folks at Climate Watch
Whom no one anymore takes lightly.”

The last words, these, the senator uttered.

As bear jaws clamped on his head
And bear teeth sank into his neck
The snow turned a pleasant shade of red.

The Walrus, warm in his fur as a toaster,
Snorted gulping down another oyster.


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