Weeping As You, Lonely, Pass

(While at the Pheasant Lane Mall)

Where are they going?  Where have they been?
I at my station keeping
Wonder as they pass and pass again.

Fixed on some goal unseen, unseeing
They pass like lions caged, resolutely,
Like fish indolently swimming
In the municipal aquarium.

Shall I hold out hope for them
To feed upon, or, more substantial fare,
Merchandise to ease their aches and cares?

You caged and pacing lions
Do you know who stands outside
Watching as you stalk by?
You sharks and grazing grouper herds
Flocks of parrot fish whose brilliance absurd
In this current of captivity
Why display such enervating poverty?

For whom do you march and pretend
Without beginning or sure end?
Do you look beyond your paths
And see the silent stars
Weeping  as you lonely pass?


4 responses to “Weeping As You, Lonely, Pass

  1. Beautiful, Peter. One of the best yet!!! Better start lining up the publishers.

    • Thank you, Mike. Of course you will always get my approval of comments like this one.

      It’s kind of funny, do you know, because I am not quite satisfied with the thing. Neither is my Editor-in-Chief.

      Oh, well. Perhaps after a little thought and prayer, I’ll have either come to like it, or see what it is I think needs changing.

      As regards your last sentence, don’t hold your breath. I am certainly not holding mine, nor do i think any of them are waiting by the phone for my call.

  2. Gorgeous title.

    Personally I feel like one of those walkers this day..

    • Thank you, Alys. May the mood be lifted from you. It isn’t so terrible feeling that way if walking’s done in a place God made for it; even in the rain. Perhaps, on a day you describe, most especially in the rain.

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