Here’s To Your Health

So, the long awaited health bill has been passed.  At least I think it has.  And the Prophet of Hope is prepared to sign it with appropriate pomp and circumstances as early as today, Tuesday, if what I hear is the case.

I expected more, you know.  I expected sound cars going up and down the streets announcing the good news, banners unfurled from all the highest buildings in every city and town with That Face looking toward the light and smiling (is it a smile or a smirk I still wonder) toward the future planned for all of us whether or not we wish it to be so.  I expected battalions of marchers in hopeful green uniforms called out to demonstrate on every main street their support for the Great Leader and his wonderful vision of health and happiness come true for those who, umm, err, merit it.

There is this to be thankful for, though.  Such a future, where all is taken care of, even where life is a matter of choice (on both ends) financed by your taxpayer dollars, is wonderfully freeing.  We will be healthy from cradle (those who make it that far) to grave (whether or not we’d like to go).

Not all will agree, but they will die, soon, anyway, and who is left will have no chance to disagree.  They will be too busy being happy.  Paradise on earth is being created.  The untruths spoken among the fast disappearing herd of malcontents justly deserve scorn.

There are many of them out there, people who carp and cavil, find reason to disparage the great vision and the Great Visionary.  One of them is this woman who calls herself The Anchoress, and writes a continual screed against all good.  Well, she is a Catholic, and we know who they are.  For those with the stomach I offer this from her.  Simply scroll down to the posting on Obamacare and The Aging.  Here is an excerpt:

“In a private fee-for-service medical system, a dead patient is a revenue loss. In the National Health Service (UK), a dead patient was a cost savings.”-Harry Bailey MD 1930-2003, Sheffield (England) University Medical School 1950-1956; Harvard Medical School 1958-1981, US Navy Medical Corps 1982-1991.

Savings, indeed.  Under The Prophet’s new system no one need die in pain, and only those will die whose lives will have become meaningless to them or to their loved ones; or those whose lives never had meaning, of course.  But, no one need die at all, I’ll warrant, since it will soon be full speed ahead on all the wonderful and miraculous treatments to be developed from the stem cells of dead feti  ..Or is that fetae?  No matter, the government will see us right.

Sunday’s victory proved one other thing, aside from it being particularly appropriate that it came during the Sabbath.  As the Speakress, the Apostle of Stupidity, said, God is on our side.  She and 59,000 Catholic women (the right kind of Catholic women) religious are spot on about that.


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