Child Abuse

Soon the dawn will break.  Light will appear, faint and hesitant at first, and then burst open the day with brightness.  This dark night will be swept away.  It has already come!  In Great Britain it has been day for several hours as I write this.  Rush hour is well underway and offices, factories and schools are busy people going about with their assigned tasks.

The children, particularly the youngest, will be excited to discover what the day will bring; awaiting the guidance of their teachers dedicated to molding them, building their minds and bodies.  So will some scientists who in their way are interested in molding be excited.  I speak of the ones who are keen to explore new ways of manufacturing the perfect human being.

A recent headline in  British paper spoke about the exciting possibility of eradicating congenital defects in us by combining the genetic material from a number of donors.  Three was the number in the story…but why stop there?

The result of all of this mixing would be what has come to be called a “designer child”; someone with absolutely no connection to anyone.  Anyone, that is, beyond the two people who have paid an awful lot of money to purchase this little bit of breeding; like a dog from a high end kennel.  It gives “snaps and snails and puppy dogs tails” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

But the result.  Oh, the result, the beautiful, perfect ten fingered and toed happy little disease and deformity free result.  How pretty it will look in its carriage and in the pictures.  It is surely worth the destruction of as many little piles of un-distinguishable and invisible clumps of experimental humanity as might be necessary to provide the world with one perfect child?  And the good which will have been done for the child is not even calculable?  Is it not so?

Well, maybe.

It is getting a little closer to dawn, now, and soon the first birds will wake filling the air with their morning songs.

In another three hours they’ll be doing the same things out in California where in the San Fernando Valley something more than a lot of fruits and vegetables is produced; about 20, 000 pornographic films a year.  Did you hear 20k a year?  Yes, you did.  And it is a multi-billion dollar business, 13.6 multis to be exact.  The saddest part about this, and it is very difficult to quantify the immense sadness all of it signifies, is the figure which knocked me over when I read it.

Here is the figure.  Among the top five search items on the internet for children 18 and under are “sex” and “porn”.  The Pollyannas of the world might want to spin that little factoid by saying that forty percent of the “research’ little Johnny is doing is in the field of human biology, or current film theory, or some such silliness.

But, they do not really need to log on to the internet.  Pornography will come to them as they sit in the classroom these days.  It is practically a required subject.  Here in my little American town, at the Junior High School just down the street something called PACTT (Parents and Teachers Together With Children) held an all day seminar with the 7th and 8th grade kids, some of whom undoubtedly make up that number of eager internet researchers.  You will read the story that appeared in the local fish wrapper the other day and note that one of the seminar subjects was ‘teen sexuality”  I am reliably informed that the seminar was a closed door session where children and presenter only talked about what and how to do what comes naturally as the saying goes.  And, anyone who wanted one was given a special gift of a condom.

This happened, I guess, while Mom and Dad and their presenters were talking about how to pick a college for little Johnny and Janie.

Of course, when the school administrators were told about this they were horrified, horrified in probably the same way that Claude Rains was during the film Casablanca when he discovered gambling was taking place at the Cafe Americain.

The sun should be up.  Light should be flooding through the window soon since it is nearly 5:00AM.

It isn’t.  It is blackest night.


3 responses to “Child Abuse

  1. Interesting to note how our world is so wrapped up with sex. and how one who goes against the free sex norm prevalent today is labeled a pervert. we encourage sex and then act horrified at some child and teen abuse? Time to circle the wagons and start developing communities safe from these prevalent norms. It’s the only way we will save our kids.

    • Thank you, Father. I read an article recently on a blog ( Return to Rome, by Francis Beckwith: “The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name”). The article deals with a revelation by a friend that he has a same sex physical attraction which he does not want to have, and how he cannot get any help in getting rid of this attraction and living a chaste life. One psychologist on campus angrily told him he was wrong to think the way he was thinking.

      I sometimes wonder what will be next, after, that is, we have allowed the possibility of polygamy, human beast marriage, public sex and such things. Will we begin to breed humans for our own physical pleasure? Will we see actual death matches in arenas as they did in Rome?

      It has happened in the past. The new Vatican dicastry to re-evangelize Europe and America cannot come too soon.

  2. “What has been will be again…There is nothing new under the sun”…

    The Preacher’s words are of some consolation. This disease is not new. It is the great heresy of our age to believe that we and our world have become better.

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