More Child Abuse

What I write today may upset some of you who will read it; not because of the subject matter.  Most everyone who reads this, if they persevere, will be very familiar with that.  No, I think you will be upset with the conclusions I reach about the things I mention, the connections I make between them and all of us, myself included.  So, my apologies to you beforehand for stepping into your space and upsetting you with what you may not think is child abuse on a very large scale.  I do think so, and think you should, too.  That’s why I wrote it.

A couple of days ago, moved by some things happening at a junior high school (oops, Middle School) just down the block from me I wrote a little something about what I thought was a big problem; the abuse of children that everyone sort of thinks is no abuse at all.  By that I mean that there are no knickers twisted among the great number of us over such things as (a) pornography on the internet readily available to children as young as ten, (b) the medical experimentation that has lead to such modern frankensteinian practices as donor dads and designer kids and (c) master classes in the kama-sutran arts for eleven and twelve year old children.  If you are interested simply read the piece before this one.

It seems to me that there is little or no concern to call these things what they are, the abuse of children.    Of course, they are a lot of other things, too, most of them downright evil.  But, one does not like to call things which most people enjoy or make use of evil, especially if it turns a handsome profit, or is, as the saying goes, a “victimless” crime.  While I am at it I might as well add abortion on demand to the list, particularly abortions performed on young children without parental knowledge or consent.  If ever the specious concept of victimless crime could be applied to an act it is well done here.

If you remain un-persuaded that I haven’t made the connection in your mind between my list above and  child abuse there is probably little I can do that will turn on the light for you.  Still, I have the horse, the lance is in my hand and there is a windmill on that hill.

There is ample and growing evidence that women suffer from a form of PTSD called “Post-Abortion Syndrome”.  Further evidence points to the large number of coerced abortions performed on women who would not have had the procedure if they had been free to decide for themselves.  Both of these conditions are more common among teen-aged girls who find themselves pregnant.  The sad fact is that in each such case two children suffer abuse; the young mother to be and the soon not to be child she carries.

We are horrified from time to time to read stories such as appeared in the papers a few days ago about a man who bled to death on the street while passers by ignored his dying self.  Neighbors commented that such a cold and callous thing is un-acceptable and borders on the criminal.  Of course we all should remember the Kitty Genovese case long ago in New York City.

Such a thing could never happen in a hospital, now, could it?  But it does. If you follow the link pay attention to the statement of the mother whose child was left to die, and what she says about coercion.  By the way, don’t let the fact that the story comes from England lull you into thinking it can’t happen here.  It has!  It happens everywhere.  Google will happily and quickly supply you with more than twenty thousand links to stories about this particular form of child abuse

Here is another story; this one from Italy.  It is interesting to note that it was a priest who was going to pray for the child who discovered it alive two days after the abortion!  He was not a victim of “diffused responsibility syndrome”.  That’s what they call it now.  It used to be called callousness, disinterest and downright cruelty.  Before this one would be correct to think that only a Nazi beast would let someone die of hunger and thirst, naked and alone, slowly, over days.

And, remember, this is not abuse.  This is simply a choice and it is a right.  I suppose that all of the medical professionals will plead that they were merely following orders to let the child die since, after all, it was its mother’s choice to do so.  Alas, it’s a kind of willful blindness, a morally bankrupt failure to involve oneself in another’s pain, to pretend that what is there isn’t.

I don’t find that attitude too much different from the attitude most of us take to what happens on the Internet, in our mad-scientist laboratories and, lamentably, in our schools.  If we do not participate we approve.  If we do not approve we pretend it isn’t our part to do or say anything is wrong.  After all these people are not or relatives, these children are not our children.  They are not our friends or neighbors.  There is too much on our plates to concern ourselves with mere opinion, and the list of palliative excuses goes on.  Where are the parents, the authorities, one asks?  And, if the government approves and the parents of the child…?

In my previous effort on this subject I provided links to articles which dealt with facts and figures.  They exist.  The consequences of sexual experimentation to the young who are exposed to such things as I described in my other posting are well known.  They lead to a sort of murder of the spirit regarding the proper place of sex in one’s life and a failure to be able to form lasting loving relationships; this leading, eventually I suppose, to the death of the family.

More immediately, though, the rate of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) infections is skyrocketing among sexually active young people who are being told that it is normal and healthy to engage in any form of such activity one wishes.  Normal and healthy.

As if that were not enough recent reports point to an increased risk among young people of developing cancers of the mouth because of some of the things they are learning are normal and healthy things to do.

What are we, all of us, doing to ourselves?  More importantly, more malignantly, what are we doing to our children by allowing, encouraging and promoting their promiscuity?

I can only call it what it is, a murder in which we all participate by our varying degrees of disinterested silence or outright approval and participation.

If we leave any after us, they will call it a great pity.


2 responses to “More Child Abuse

  1. To my mind it started with the words we were taught to use. When shepherds were taught that they were dealing with a ‘wool crop’ and Parishes started being referred to as ‘ministry units’. But then, at the Parish ‘garage sale’ someone found some lovely shirts for one of our young men. He tried it on at once, and, to the secret cheering of some of us ‘olds’ revealed that he was wearing a rosary. White, with JPII medallion. Even more wonderful was the comment by one of the younger women. “Wow, I love your sense of style”.

    Next door lives a young man who was born so prematurely that he fitted into his father’s hand. He too has more than survived, despite the talk of his being unlikely to survive. He isn’t spoiled either.

    Aside from everything else, we have to learn to praise those people and institutions that are building. One of my schools had the motto ‘To build and to cherish’.

    Dear God, this is a raw subject. This stuff was going on before I was born!

    • Indeed, Alys, these gems do shine, all the more for being so rare. But all of them are gems, too, as you well know. The rawness is in knowing what may happen to them, and not knowing how to protect them all. Rawness and worry…and prayer, too.

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