Clean and Dead

The fellow down the street in the yellow house
has built a swimming pool in the backyard.
Last year he had all his trees chopped down
the land was cleared, the soil was scraped away
and a big hole was dug that stayed that way
and filled up with snow all the winter long.
He filled it with a pool this spring.  Put sod
around it.  The sod died.  I saw a dead mouse
at the end of his drive when I passed by
the other day walking down the hill early in
the morning; though I don’t often walk that way.
If you look for it you can just see
the pool from the corner of his property
sparkling clean as dawn on a summer day.
There’ll be no leaves in that pool come Fall’s winds
what with all the trees gone now.  There’s just sky
above, bits of grass, empty flower beds.
Everything else is wiped clean, clean and dead.


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