For Joey

Not too long ago I spent a day with my Grand Son, Joseph, my daughter Jeanne’s youngest child.  We were together for about six hours, and all I did was allow him to spend time with me as I went about an ordinary day.  During its course we spoke about nothing very deeply, but did speak about a lot.  I was conscious that these moments would become even more rare as he entered high school and began to build his independence.

So I tried to find out a little more than I have had the chance to find out about him.  One of the things I learned is that he like to listen to music of all kinds, including symphonic music.  He particularly likes YoYo Ma, and cello music.

Telling me about his fondness for hearing the cello, and his fondness for hearing YoYo Ma reminded me immediately of my reaction to hearing Pablo Casals in recording when I, too, was fourteen and a street rat in New York City.  I think I have an old Columbia LP of his down in my basement that I listened to a thousand times before the hisses, scartches and clicks overcame Casals and Bach.  I like this about Casals.  He kept practicing well into his 90’s, and once said that he felt he was beginning to improve; this after being at it for about ninety years.

Joe and the Music of the Swift River

I’ve already said something about my delight in discovering he likes to cook, and the fun I had in the kitchen with him; reprised last weekend when he and his twin cousin, Carolyn, came over to decorate the tree and have supper with us.  This was another little jewel uncovered during the day.  And, here, I thought I was going to give him something to remember.

Anyway, I fired up the computer earlier this morning and  was attracted by a little something on a blog called “Catholic and Enjoying It” written by Mark Shea, a fellow whose ideas and  writing attract me.  There he had placed a link from something written by Teh Binks.  Now, I don’t know who he is at all, the Binks fellow, but You Tube has a bunch of videos from someone with the same name, and they aren’t anything like the one Mark Shea posted to his blog.

Anyway, that’s the confusing world of  the Internet.  It, too, reminded me of Joseph.  The Binks videos all seem to be clips from computer games.  Joe likes to do that, play computer games.  May he someday turn it into a money making scheme and take care of his grandfather.

If you do follow the link to Shea’s article you will be delighted by the carol and the music.  You may also be delighted by the text underneath the video.  I have lately been think much the same things as Mr. Shea puts in his blog…well I have long thought them.  How very much was lost when we let pride and anger get in the way of humility and love 600 years ago.


2 responses to “For Joey

  1. Clearing out my email today and found this… Made me smile!

    • We are going to do the same thing all over again, only this time I have 5 recipes picked out. Shopping, chopping cooking (braising, baking, boiling and building). A day and a half of stuff to do. I hope he likes it. I hope you all like it.

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