The Passion of Phill Kline

Yeah, I know, and I hope you do to, this guy Kline in Kansas is just another mad dog runaway prosecutor. ‘Cause of him George Tiller was martyred by some killer while he was at church “wushipin’ Gawd Awmitey”, a crime that will live in infamy.  And, yeah I know, that Kathy Sebelius the former poster cute guvnur of that place and now the 21st Secretary of the whole Department of Health of these Untied States and in charge of the Death Panels, to help us get rid of folks who don’t need no help no more; which is only right, and her bein’ a good Cathlick to boot.  And I’m all for the one and agin’ t’other with all my strength, “Puh-raise and Amen.”

I read some of them stories about this bloodthirsty no good prosecutor goin’ after that poor dead angel Dr. George,who Kathy loved like a brother, so close you couldn’t tell ’em apart, almost.  Him askin’ all sorts of questions and demandin’, DE, damn, MANDIN’ records and stuff which was promised we would never have to see see the light of day, an’ he ain’t got no damn right to in the first place since they is all medical records and private.

This Kline, a German, a kraut ain’t he, like that there pope in Rome, thinks since he was the law, he’s above the law.  But now they’re going to get him, and get him good.  And me and my wife and kids can sleep peaceful.  I can’t wait.  Ain’t no safer place for a kid than in their own home, like Gawd made it for.

Listen to Kline whine.  Makes me laugh.

UPDATE/NOTE:  I’m still learning my way around the blogosphere even 2 years into the exercise.  It occurs to me that I should have credited Life-Site News as a source for this story.  My apologies to the good folks over there. folks who are a heckuva lot better at getting to the truth of things than anyone I can think of at, oh say, The New York Times.


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