The Mouse Is Still My Man

In an announcement that surprised absolutely no one, His Hopefulness told us that he would allow us to hope for four more years of being the change we can be, or something like that.  I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant when he said it way back when he started organizing the neighborhood for hope and change, and I’m still not sure.  One thing I do know that has come about since the hopers and changers voted him into office over my considerable efforts to make them see the sense in voting for Michael Mouse, whose very non-existence gave him more weight and experience than the man who is now president of these Untied States, is that I have little more than change left in my pockets since that sad day in January two years ago.

Now he says he’s going to do it again, run for office, the highest one in the land.

I know the guy who lives next door will probably not vote for him.  He’s got even less change than me, and no likelihood of seeing more come his way despite what Hope and the Hopers are going to promise, free band aids for every boo boo.  And one things else I know.  There’s a whole lot more folks like him all over the place.

It ain’t that I don’t like the guy personally.  I don’t like him morally, and I don’t like most of the people he runs around with, and what they say and do.  I simply think that they are a dangerous lot; dangerous because of a lot of what they think is good is bad, and what they think is bad is good.  I know I ain’t mentioned one thing, here, but all of you know what I’m talking about.  You can see an elephant, heck you can see the whole herd of them, when it’s in the same room as you.  And, when you get guys and girls who think like that running a store as big as this bad things start to happen and spiral out of control.  They sure do.

But, I do like their style.  They’ve already hit the ground running.  Check out their shiny new You Tube video:

I know that The Mouse hasn’t much hope against someone like this guy, but this early on I don’t see anyone coming along who can stop him, and I have a certain loyalty to the little feller.  With all of his failings: non-existence, no experience, a rodent, skinny legs, big ears…he ‘s still a better choice.  I hope I can convince him to run again.


One response to “The Mouse Is Still My Man

  1. jeanne Gilman

    I take umbrage at your use of my nickname for this candidate.



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