I Thought You Might Like This

One of the things I like about the place we spent the last two weeks in is what comes to me over the radio there.  It’s very much the old fashioned kind of radio with some guy or gal inviting the listener into his or her “home” it seems for an hour or two, for a “sit and talk” or in this case listen.

When we were in Killarney there was a show on the local station from Limerick that I enjoyed.  The host would chatter amiably for a minute or two and then play some bit of music…from anywhere…plucked as it were randomly out of mid-air.  I heard a Beatles’ song the on the anniversary of Brian Epstein’s death right after he had played this.  I remember the first time I heard this song, too long ago for me to own up to, on a similar “unstructured” and loosely organized radio show, on a cluttered morning of the mind and made it a personal favorite immediately.

The segue from “Bailero” into the Beatles was a quick something about the one song’s being about love and Epstein’s managing of the Beatles.  Go figure, eh?

The wonderful thing about it was that it worked…for me…at least.  Now where in these Untied States would a radio show like that last for fifteen minutes after the demographics came in?  And not once did anyone shout or utter a “bleep”.

A couple of days before up in Galway we sat in a quiet place at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel in the late afternoon looking out the window at the clouds rolling by.

Mariellen Listens and Smiles

We were having tea.  The radio was softly playing a similar program of music and quiet conversation.  I never heard a word of the latter, but I did hear and softly sing along with Billie Holliday, Nat king Cole, Sinatra and Tony Bennet, tunes I hadn’t heard on any radio program over here for it seems decades.  It was another “no bleep” zone.

In the "No Bleep" Zone

Oh, the soprano on the  video clip was Netania Devrah, a name I’d never heard until I heard it in Ireland. The Beatles song?  It was “All You Need Is Love”.  Yeah, the segue worked.


5 responses to “I Thought You Might Like This

  1. When it’s good and classic ecclectic segues can work, especially if it’s bleepless.

  2. Are those photographs of you and your lovely wife?

  3. Nice to have the pictures. I think [or is it? I hope] that such radio programs are making a comeback. When you consider that the talking heads are paid in the hundreds of thousands if not millions per annum …

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