It’s a Ding Dong World #7659

I just read a short bit on a web site called Bio-Edge about this news article and the report it refers to from Old Blighty, where it seems down is up and verse visa.  The fellow mentioned that over there 98% of ladies who get their wombs hoovered do so to avoid the mental distress of  giving birth and raising a kid.  They are very kind in Blighty.

“I simply can’t bear the thought of having this around all that time and missing the Queen’s birthday, or Ascot and all those lovely hats.”

“Not a problem, Lady Snuffem.  We’ll have this out of you in plenty of time for tea.”

The writer asks if the report means that now 98% of British abortions are illegal.  Good question.  Who’s lying to whom?  And, what about the odd duck who does commit suicide, or feel bad for years about having had an abortion.  Would she have felt as bad had the child been born and lived, and was living now?  Is the stress of child rearing a good enough reason to have them all killed…or 98% of them anyway of all of them who are headed for the recycling center?  Shhh!  There are questions which politeness requires us not to ask.

Good Lord, it just occurred to me that may be the reason why the British have all of those fogs and mists and moors to wail upon.  The whole place is neurasthenic.

It is encouraging to note that the doctors who have done the study seem to think that there is some stress accompanying the decision to end a pregnancy before a pregnancy ends.  That may be, if the 98% number tells the truth.  Of course it must tell the truth.  Don’t we all know numbers don’t lie, because , well, who really wants to be pregnant?

“Oh, Dr. Slippenfall, Montague says we just cannot visit Majorca this summer if I am still preggers.  There is such tension at home.”

“Now, now, Adelaide, I know Montague.  His practice requires a rest every once in a while, and you do have that lovely little bulldog Chelsea.”

“Well, if you say so.  There are all of those new things I bought which would just devastate me to leave behind.”

And, so, they will probably conclude and recommend that more should be done about this problem of unwanted pregnancy.  The solution, since ending them seems to be about a guilt free as getting rid of the trash, will probably be to recommend more abortion.

That’s what I think will happen, anyway.  Given the trend toward the death option over there from both ends of the average life span, I figure the place will be empty in about 50 years.


4 responses to “It’s a Ding Dong World #7659

  1. Not to worry about Old Blighty becoming empty. All those dark-skinned fellows from the Empire will cheerfully fill the space. There is still a British Empire; but it is not out there, but right at home in England. And increasing and multiplying as the Good Book advises.

  2. I’m sorry but I just don’t get this… Most people in Britain – as elsewhere – who have abortions are not the upper classes as your references seems to imply – but working class people who disproportionately lack access to educational and social advantages and opportunities. There also seems to be a lack of compassion for anyone who might be in this situation; if we really want to address the issue of unwanted pregnancies, this kind of approach really doesn’t seem to be a wise or compassionate response to it. Many people in the UK are working exceptionally hard to address these problems; it is wholly inaccurate to suggest that the public response is simply to cynically suggest more abortions. It is easy to be cynical – but please try and get your facts right before you make ill-informed judgments about what is going on in a country which you seem to know little about, or care about in its wonderful diversity. I am proud to live in a city (London) in which anyone from any culture can call their home, and your first poster should be ashamed of the kind of implicit racism which is in their post.

    • Dear Ann Clare,

      Thank you for your comment. I understand your concern and your criticism of the way in which I passed on the information from your country’s latest dealings with what to do about baby. I do not apologize for it. I grew up in New York City, which, incidentally, has been referred to as the Crossroads of the World, so I have some slight acquaintance with the “other”. One of the defining characteristics of native New Yorkers, alongside their openness to the “other”, is an abiding cynicism activated by an acute sense of and aversion to the smell of superiority, and the perfume of its reservations about those who don’t meet its standards; which I detected in the report on the article from Lancet.

      From an early age I have had difficulty with the idea of an “unwanted pregnancy”, and what to do then. As a teenager might say, “Duh??!!” My compassion is extended to the variously called clump of humanity which is, so to say, the referent of that term. As a matter of fact, my first stirrings of compassion are for it in all of its helplessness and weakness; would that we began to consider a “wise and compassionate response” to the problems and the concerns of that separate being before all else. But, then, we might be able to were there not soooo many compassionate people who are concerned in the first place with the mental well-being of the distraught mother, and what must be done to avoid the nasty complication of pregnancy and the inevitable “product of conception” as some have taken to calling the child in the womb. I know all of the current solutions advanced, and suspect there are square miles of rubber plantations in the tropics and acres of pharmaceutical labs all over the world devoted to providing the raw materials for them. Despite that they still appear…and so do those nasty little bits of life called STD and AIDS. No one dares pronounce the “A” , the “C” or the “R” words. Such is compassion today.

      A mere few generations separate your country from its tender care of my ancestors for some hundreds of years before they felt compelled to force it to leave them alone; ancestors whose “race” and faith were despised by Londoners and others of your nation, and are still ridiculed by many there, so much for wonderful diversity. I know enough from my grandparents, may they rest in peace, and the occasional dip into what passes for news from your home, to think it might be a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

      I suspect, if you read this, you would probably not want me, either.



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