Let Your Heart Cry Out

Every once in a while …  Well, no.  Let me begin this again.  With increasing frequency I become aware of the suffering of Christ..still..in the world.  He suffers in the hungry and the homeless, the cold and the sick, the over burdened and neglected.  And He suffers in the tormented and the tortured.

She has languished in a cell for more than a year, now.  Her cell is in a prison in a country which we call an ally in the so-called War on Terror, yet her days are terror unrelenting, terror of lonliness, filth, neglect and abuse.  Even the prisoners awaiting the beasts in pagan Rome were better treated than she by her captors, the followers of The Religion of Peace.

She is not alone, and perhaps in some macabre way, she is luckier than most.  She is still alive, even if barely able to understand that.  She has not been beaten, burned, slaughtered in the name of the All Merciful and his Prophet, peace be upon him.  Not yet.

Spare a thought for her, for Asia Bibi, in an ante-chamber of hell, a prison cell in Afghanistan, under sentence of death because she is a Christian, and say a prayer for her release.  Spare a though and say a prayer for the hundreds of others like her in places like Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Bangla-Desh, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere who suffer an die because they believe in Christ.  And pray for their captors, their tormentors, their executioners and the people, religion and governments which condone and support this and similar horrors; that they see the evil they do and repent of it.


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