Enough Monkeys….etc…

Even the late Mr. Hitchens and Slate are capable of producing something worth the effort it takes to read it (though I could do without seeing what else appears on the page).  As I read on, I couldn’t help drawing the obvious lines between North Korea and National Socialist Germany.  What really began to alarm me though as I concluded the piece was one word, Iran.  I became aware that I could not escape the frightening similarities between those two mental diseases, the one in the East and it’s earlier sibling in Europe and the Religion of Peace.  And this merely from reading an article written by a dead atheist and appearing in a progressive publication.  Will wonders never cease…?  I pray this is one that comes to an early end.  Funny, I was about to write “early and natural end”.  Then, I thought, no such a thing isn’t natural.  Despite all of the evidence, the mounting evidence, to the contrary, it was NOT the way we were meant to be.

Perhaps it’s simply sleeplessness that make my mind build these connections; a kind of waking nightmare.

Rest in peace.


3 responses to “Enough Monkeys….etc…

  1. The connections are there, and yes you are waking, and yes, tis a nightmare. Wasn’t it C. S. Lewis who remarked that evil was remarkably alike in whatever form it took, while holiness held endless variety, literally. But perhaps I too am half asleep, and dreaming the things I’ve read this day in newspapers and on screen.

    • Good Morning Alys (now…here). I think you are right about Lewis, but if not him, then any other decent person would have at least thought the same things about good and evil.. Holy Mother of God, pray for us.

  2. Mariellen Gallaher

    The link didn’t work for me so I feel somewhat out in left field ….

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