Conscience? You Don’t Need No Stinking Conscience!

The recent decision by the current government of the once (and future?) Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, to restrict the rights of believers marks the end of the long beginning of a new form of National Socialism here, complete with the same scabrous obscenities that characterized  the last century’s woeful descent into depravity and death; organized cruelty, compelled thought and Orwellian distortions of language.  The most recent example of the latter being found in the term “freedom of conscience” which now means exactly its opposite.  I do think we have crossed the threshold into hell here in these Untied States, and I see over everything the growing shadow of the face and form of evil; a dark ugliness.

Bad luck to those responsible for it.  Bad luck to them all, the ones who worked to make it happen, the ones who welcome it, the ones who wish for more of it, the lords of power and lovers of death..

It is the brightest of mornings outside my window.  The air is still after cold and ill winds all night long.

I am home now and reading.  The things I read tell me that nothing very much has changed.  My Facebook friends still post their status reports on their comings and goings, and updates on room makeovers, music favorites, films they will see, wines they will drink, children’s plays they will watch.  The newspapers all over the world report on the doings of nations and their great ones, especially the great ones and the near great ones here in these Untied States.  The MSM pundits speculate on who will win in the next primary and the next game, often the two being inseparable in my mind.  And, the Sunday Supplements are filled with photos and stories of new things for your skin, your body your house and your mind; newer than last week, not yet as new as next week.

No one notices thing have changed, here.  But, they have.

I’ll tell you the truth.  This bad decision has changed the way we live.  The givernment (what an interesting typo?) of the people, etc. has broken faith with us; the contract between us tossed out the window.  In their desire to give the bum’s rush to western civilization and welcome in the new age of death they have included…indeed it’s necessary to accomplish the goal…they’ve begun to destroy the Bill of Rights, the first floor erected on the foundation of the Constitution.  What else could be the purpose for it than that.

Father George Rutler is no one’s fool.  Here he calls a spade a spade.

I like his observation on the specious promise of the Sebellius HHS to “consider” the objections of the leaders of many Christian and other denominations to the provisions of this Obamacare bill which would force them to violate their beliefs and become complicit in immoral activities: “But “peace for our time” only lasts until Poland is invaded.”

He makes the right connection between the murderous Nazi regime and the one which squats in Washington, DC.   May God have mercy on their souls.


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