A Disturbing Piece of News for the Untied States

I have read, recently, that in many areas these Untied States of Amurriker are falling behind places like China and  the EU.  By the way is that a real place or simply a sound kids make when you give them a soft boiled egg for breakfast instead of Chocorottotoothflakes?

I am happy to know that His Hopefulness, as part of his plan to restore hope and make us number one again is embarked on a campaign to make the mountain of money we owe everyone else in the world insurmountable. (Including that little Albanian guy who sells apples and pencils just outside Bloomingdales in New York City, and has a fist full of Series E Savings Bonds from 1952 papering his bathroom in Greenpoint.)  I mean not only is it inconceivable, it’s growing so quickly that physicists at the Lost Alamo think it may soon reach critical mass begin a chain reaction and become the first Black Hole of Debt in the history of the universe, sucking all the money everywhere into itself.  Poor little Albanian.  he can console himself though by knowing he may contribute to the discovery of the much hypothesized but so far elusive Geithneron, the particle that generates the end of all wealth anywhere, and the Bankruptcy of Creation.

Well that puts us back in front, on top, in command, ahead of the competition where we rightfully belong at least so far as money and stuff are concerned.  I look forward to gasoline for $20.00 a gallon, and a pack of smokes for a C note..

I was vastly encouraged also with our Great leader’s move against the forces of religion here.  The Communists have long held a commanding lead in this critical area.  They know one thing and they know it well.  Religion gets in the way of human progress.  (So did the National Socialists of happy memory and murderous efficiency.)

So I applaud him, and everyone who is working so hard with him to change the way we think about life and what really matters; getting everything we can get as soon as we can, and not listening to anyone tell us we can’t have it or gotta pay for it.  Which is just silly.  Anyway, I can’t understand most of what they say all those dependent clauses and stuff.  Besides how can you form a conscience?  What the hell IS a conscience, anyway?  Anyone ever seen one?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Reminds me of a line from a song from some 1950’s musical: “How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?”  That’s silly, too.  You can’t.  Moonbeams don’t even exist.

Neither do consciences, probably.

But, there is a cloud on the horizon.  This link will take you to an article in a little known journal about the Catholics, Public Enemy #1 if you are a good citizen, and what they’re doing around the world.  I like to check it out so I know what tricks they’re up to.  Believe me, they have their hands in a lot of stuff.  Anyway, every once in a while I come across a piece of good news like this article.  Good, I mean, for the folks in Congo, wherever that is, but bad for us.

I mean, we haven’t even shut down a newspaper over here, let alone a TV station.  And, I’ll give odds that no one anywhere over here has even begun to plan a massacre.  For crying out loud!  This is the Untied States!  We gotta get going!


4 responses to “A Disturbing Piece of News for the Untied States

  1. You do know that our deficit during the 8 years of Reagan rose 189% or 4 trillion dollars and during Bush 2 the deficit rose over 100% or close to another 4 trillion dollars, which is about half of the deficit now. Think about that, half of our over 15 trillion dollar deficit was caused by two Republican Presidents. Also our recession, near depression, happened during Bush 2, otherwise known affectionately as numbnuts, to use a favorite term of endearment used by another great Republican, El Duce Chris Christie. The Republicans drove the truck of state into a ditch, the Democrats have gotten it out of the ditch and just about back on the road and now the Republicans are demanding to get behind the wheel again. I don’t think so.

    • Hello Joe,

      Yes, I do know those things, but thank you for pointing them out to folks who might not have known them. What it shows me is that we now have a guy running the store who has so far outperformed in a mere three years two guys in office for a combined sixteen. Which proves my point. He’s spectacular!

  2. Mike at the Mill

    Peter – Just a practical reply. If you are talking about the Federal deficit, it was about the same as now during the war years (the ’40’s – that war). It has been actually reduced since Obama took office (although you’d never know if you just listen to Republicans in Congress – and I don’t pay too much attention to them. I would say that the only thing that can help the country now is a broad based recovery in jobs and employment. The DJIA being at its highest since the 2008 melt down is, however, encouraging.

    • I see signs of recovery myself, Mike. That wasn’t, however the real point of the bit of silliness I wrote. I’m a little more than a little worried about the shenanigans going on with the first amendment, and wondering what those guys are thinking.

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