The One Percenters

(or)  The Recent Bold Deeds of The Most Busy and Industrious Band of True Believers and Followers of the Religion Of Peace

Not too long ago someone sought to prove a point, that being that most followers of Islam are nice folks who just want to get along, that not every Muslim was an Islamist … a PC word used now in lieu of the word Terrorist, which is fast becoming a word not to be used in polite society…..  After all one cannot call a billion people terrorists.  I mean some of them are crazy, some of them dribbling idiots, some kings, some murderous dictators, some rabid preachers and even more rabid politicians, some oil billionaires, and someone needs to stay home and cook.

They mentioned the results of a years long poll, worldwide in scope, by the Gallup folks and sponsored by a bunch of pro-Muslim organizations here in the Untied States…if fast fading memory serves.  The poll concluded that only 1% of Muslims were interested in converting the world by any means, fair or foul, into a seamless garment of burka clad women and bearded men with four wives apiece and 70 virgins waiting them in paradise.

This conclusion was reached, one may speculate, from analysis of data gathered from the usual statistically accurate survey of 1,00o some odd folks…perhaps in every country where there are one thousand Muslims, but who knows.

Only 1%?

It is  only too easy to adopt the term One Percenters from the Occupy Everything crowd of anarchists and use it to denote this extremely busy band of murderers, bombers, arsonists, rapists, enslavers, “occupiers”, whiners, thugs and criminals who do not worship any god I can recognize…and the governments and vast numbers of angry maniacs who support them anywhere one or two of them are gathered, it seems, in their prophet’s name, peace be upon him.

You doubt??

Read on then, here.

This thing comes out every month.  One would think, from the way our Main Stream media is addicted to feeding its slobbering audience with stories of gore and guts, that they would jump at the chance to cover things like these assorted acts of horror, mayhem, intimidation and crime all committed by a mere, but extremely busy, one percent of the worshipers of something or other.  But, no.  The fact is they hate Christianity more.  And they hate anyone who is a believing Christian.  Did you ever wonder why?

The battle is not between Islam and the rest of the world.

The battle is the same one it has always been; the one between Good and Evil.


2 responses to “The One Percenters

  1. Your friend Mike

    Can’t believe this is coming from you. It’s not only your memory that is “fast fading”. You are a very intelligent man who I admire and look up to. As such, you have got to have, shall we say, a more nuanced view of Islam and muslims than this. Still love they way you write (even when misguided)

    • Hello Mike,

      I’d love to sit down and have a beer and talk about what I wrote. I wonder if you read it as I wrote it. But, it did get you to make a comment, my Friend, so that’s a good thing.

      I’ll tell you a short story. In 1972 I was sent to Singapore to work with the National Police for a short time training their officers, and some officers from as far away as Australia in drug investigations. I became very friendly with their Deputy police Commissioner…or something like that…, a quiet, reserved and gentle Muslim, with whom I had a number of deep conversations, and from whom I took away the understanding that the Religion of Peace was filled with people like him.

      I got back home…with a copy of the Koran which was his parting gift to me…and began to do some reading into the whole thing. Having taken a course in Byzantine History in College i was familiar with some of the things i read about, but that was years in the past.

      My readings, the news about hijackings and bombings all over Europe and the Middle East and the history of the Last forty years, stand against that one man’s impression made on me. It reminds me of the story about Abraham’s argument with God about God’s determination to destroy Sodom or Gomorrah or some place. Abraham gets god to agree NOT to destroy the place and all its people if there is just one just man there.

      We are reading a life of Saint Catherine of Siena, now. She was a woman of tremendous love for everyone, literally everyone, because they were the children of God. Yet she worked tirelessly for the Pope to call for a Crusade, and was well aware of the reasons why one was needed.

      Is there a battle, a war,between West and East, between Christianity (or what is left of it) and Islam? I think you will find many more adherents of the latter religion to answer yea to that question than you will the former, but I have no empirical evidence to back up my hunch. All I know is that in Christian/Western majority countries there are no such things happening in the seriousness, breadth and scope as those reported to have taken place…for tens of years now in a broad crescent of the world inhabited mainly by people who claim as their own the right to convert the world to the worship of Allah by any means necessary so to do.

      Of course against that some may say, “Didn’t Christ tell you to go out into all the world…?” And the honest answer is, yes, He did. But how is the difference between the two that is all the difference.

      Yet I cannot erase the memory of this one man from my mind. And while I do not know, I do hope that he has millions, hundreds of millions of co-religionists who think and live as he did while I was with him.

      As is said, I believe that the battle is as it has always been, a battle between Good and Evil. And, I know which side wins.

      BTW, did you follow the link?

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