Speaking With a Forked Tongue

In the old Westerns the Injuns would, with expressions of anger, disgust and sadness at the obvious stupidity of the whites and their continuous double dealing, say, “He speaks with a forked tongue.” Now, while making no comparisons between sitting presidents and squatting demons the term “a forked tongue”, and its close cousin “speaking from both sides of his mouth, does conjure  unwelcome notions and sad memories, paint an ugly pictures of avoidable tragedies. What must one do to be rid of such unwholesome thoughts?

You are probably wondering why the little musing above.  From among the very many stories which one may choose I offer this one.

This latest example speaks of  one who sneaks away in the middle of the night to fly across the globe and creep before the sun rises into the besieged city, sign something that pledges to leave and to stay at the same time, promises…like someone we once one heard promise?…this war is over and then fly home to fanfares and trumpets, proclaiming…like someone we have heard before?…the equivalent of peace in our time.

Oh, the cynic will say, “All of them do that.”  Let them say it.  They are probably right.  The squatting demon says it, too.  And, he knows, that as long as enough fools listen and “Hope” where hope is vain, and trust where trust is poison, he will have so much fun.


4 responses to “Speaking With a Forked Tongue

  1. Mike at the Mill

    Yeah. It’s sad but predictable. After so many years of war, most Americans just want it to be over. The type of weariness you saw under Wilson after WW-I. But it’s no different than Romney saying he wants to make the government smaller but then wants to increase military spending?? That’s not making the government smaller in my book. Oh well. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

    • The thing is it shouldn’t. I’d admire the guy a whole hell of a lot if he hadn’t turned the thing into a prime time campaign show. And, I can understand the very human desire to do just that. And then, I don’t like the almost duplicitous double purpose of his being there…to sign something that commits us to be there, and at the same to Time go on the tube and claim…George Bush style…that it’s all over, we’re coming home. Makes me more and more want a guy like Ron Paul as the next Big Cheese.

  2. Mike at the Mill

    But Peter – Is it Obama or is it the liberal media?? The fact is, it’s the anniversary of Bin Laden’s death. Like him or not, Obama did have to make the decision to have the SEALS go in (not exactly risk free – could have back-fired big time). Look, it’s a slow news cycle. Romney’s got the nomination wrapped up (no news there). There isn’t a weather related story (no news there). Remembering the raid is the “best” news story available. I don’t think Obama (single handedly) “turned the thing into a prime time campaign”. About him going over to Afghanistan – well, there’s more than one way to look at it. He did bond with the troops. I don’t recall Bush/Cheney ever going over there to do that – not really all that safe.

    I certainly did not interpret Obama’s comments that “it’s all over, we’re coming home”. Just the opposite. We are there until what ? 2014?? A whole lot longer than I care for. Ron Paul!?!! You’re scaring me.

    • It believe it is both. he has a bunch of round heels in the press ( well don’t they all) who swoon in his presence and probably have pictures of him all over the house (just me being snarky). Anyway, the WH has its own press relations, public relations arm. It is probably no stretch of the imagination to picture some of them planning a mid-night arrival in Afghanistan so he can do a live at prime time address to the nation on the first anniversary..

      The other side’s point taht OBL was yesterday at the time he was offed is telling (not that he didn’t deserve what he got, then or at any other time. he was a walking dead man, and the decision to do it was a foregone conclusion). The 2014 stuff mires is in something which I believe is silly. The Russians spent 13 years there trying to shore up their puppet. You’d think we’d get a clue. We need to be there why? We need to risk another life, spend another dime?

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