A Conversation

The phone just jangled.  I was listening to Sibelius Symphony #6 and confess I was surprised and a little annoyed.

I looked at the caller ID thing.  It read “603-000-0000”.  Honest.  I held it and wondered whether I should put it back on the hook or answer.  Letting my annoyance get the better of me I answered:


“Hi,” the bright young female voice said.  “Is this Peter,” she inquired.

“It is,” I growled.

There was no pause at all.  I briefly wondered what it took.  “I wonder if you have a few moments to answer some questions about the upcoming election.”

“I do not intend to vote in any more elections,” I answered.  “I intend to renounce my citizenship and leave the country withing the week.”

“Well, thank you for your answers,” she replied, and the call ended.

That is all it takes.

I share this information with you in the hope that you may find relief.


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