A Poem: Aren’t They Nice?


Children are not children anymore.
Oh, they awaken early, and are early out the door,
But it is the clock awakens them
Neither herald bird nor shining sun
Pries open bright eyes, eager ears.
And mother, busy on the phone
With meetings and decisions
Tells them, “Hurry!”.  They must run
To swimming class and then ballet
And four more things as morning
Falls away…

“Hurry, now!  Traffic’s bad.
No time to lose.  Get out of bed.
Today’s the day you learn to swim!
Your teacher’s great!  I just heard of him
From Marcie’s Mom yesterday.
Thank God I said you were a special case.
Doesn’t Mama love you?”

“Take this and sit quietly.
It has all your favorite games.
I’ll only be a little while
Inside with Mr. James.
Stay right here, Dear.  Give me a smile.”

Holding the Blue Ray-iPad
Hand held device
They sit and play.  But are they glad?
Forget that.  Aren’t they nice?



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