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Just Say No!

OK, ABC and Disney, Hollywood, Pepsi,the  Democratic Party, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, the other two nets, every newspaper in the country, and anyone who advertises in them or on TV, medical insurance, auto insurance, insurance insurance. It all stinks like fish gurry.  That’s what we’re being fed, and we think it’s filet mignon.

Are we really that stupid?  Have we really been such lousy pushovers?  Is it really the truth; that these guys have figured out that all we are is a bunch of stomachs, sexual organs and fat butts?  Seems like it.

No you say?  Prove it.

Don’t give them any of your time, and don’t spend any of your money on them.

Did I leave out anything?  Oh, yeah, the cable and satellite companies that carry alla that garbage into your home. Stop it all.  Cut it all out, the noise, the flash, the bling, the fly, the whatever the hell they come with next to make us forget that this is all a big swindle.

That’s gonna leave many of us with a lot of loose change and an awful lot of time on our hands. Try reading a book.  Try reading a good book.  Take a walk.  Actually have a conversation about something other than baseball or your nails and hair.  Put the money in a shoe box or a bank and forget about it.

Hey!  Here’s an idea.  Why not spend the time saying a prayer for the state of the world, these Untied States and our own poor selves.  And, another idea just occurred to my mind.  Why not use some of that new found money to help some folks; like folks with time on their hands because they have no work to do.  Or, folks with time on their hands because they never had any work to do, or because they can’t work…or hungry folks…or sick folks.  You know?

And, if or when the suits in the big buildings wake up and find everyone’s left the room,  and they come outside and say, “Hey!  OK, we screwed up.  Sorry.  Come on back.”  And their hands are out in supplication, and they’re smiling pleadingly, why not everyone say, “Nah, find another sucker.”  And, try finding an honest job while you’re at it.

‘Cause you know what all of this is, don’t you?  It’s “Bread and Circuses”, where the Big Deals figure out how to keep the lid on, keep the schmucks (that’s you Mr. and Mrs. America) happy so they never figure out how lousy life is; they never figure out that they are owned, bought and paid for in the greatest swindle since the original Bread and Circus deal back there in Rome.  Did you see the movie Matrix?  You’re in it.  I’m in it.

We’re all in it.

Wake up.

Walk away.

Just sayin’.

Oh, Ted Kennedy’s Dead?

About twenty years or so ago I was in some Irish type bar in Old Town Alexandria, just across that mud filled creek from Washington, DC, capitol of these Untied States.  (That’s not a typo.  It is the way I have chosen to refer to this place for a couple of years, now.)  I can’t remember the official reason for being down there.  It must have had something to do with my job, which at the time required that I endure the stupidity of the 35 million moles, gnomes, woodchucks and voles who moved in and out of all of those flat and square buildings across the mud from this nice bar I was in.

I was there with two other guys, Larry Mullins, R.I.P., a former Detective Sergeant from the NYPD who used to work for Frank Hogan, perhaps the best D.A. ever, and another guy, another agent like me, whose name I now forget.  We had drunk enough beer to fill that lake St. Brigid (Naomh Brid for the purists) wrote about, and were ready, now to sing.  The third guy said that we should sing “Ted Kennedy’s Jig”.

“Whose what!!??” we said.  “Don’t you know it?”  He asked.  We both, Larry and I, shook our heads.  “I’ll teach you, then,” he burped, and we all ordered another pitcher of beer.  Of course I’m exaggerating, here, about the beer, but not by much.  The beer came and he began the lesson in a very wet warble:

“Oh, your mother is dead and your father is dead

And your brother is dead and your brother is dead

And your brother is dead and your sister’s is dead

Your son has one leg and your wife is a lush.

Your nephew OD’d down at Miami beach

Your sister-in-law wed a filthy rich Greek

One sister’s a retard the other’s divorced

Peter Lawford is dead and your car doesn’t float.”

It will not be sung anymore, I think, and singing it then was, perhaps, more than should have been, decently, done.  Looking back on that in light of recent developments it occurs to me to wonder whether Ted Kennedy ever sat in the same place and heard the song sung late one night.

It is a very real possibility that he was in the place, of course, all those years ago.  All those years ago he was in and out of a lot of places I hope he wished, in the last seven months of his life he had never been.

It is the Feast of St. Augustine of Hippo today in case anyone was wondering.  And, unless you were asleep in your history, philosophy or theology…or even your psychology…classes you would remember that Augustine is one of the Dcotors of the Church, one of the Western world’s greatest philosophers, one of the founders of the thing we call Western Civilization and a bete noir of Freudians everywhere.

Before he became that, he led the kind of life that would have made him a shoe-in as a senior senator from Massachusetts or just about any state.  But, all that changed, as we know and to our lasting good.  He spent the last decades of his life building part of the foundation on which everything we cherish today now rests; everything we cherish and everything which is showing dangerous signs of fracturing and disintegrating.

Edward Moore Kennedy, may he rest in peace, will be praised by the famous and powerful and the poor and unknown for having been a man who devoted himself to making this vale of tears a little less painful, a little less arduous; for trying to ease the burdens of the heavily burdened.  He certainly, one may be allowed to say, made up over those nearly forty years in the Senate, for the way he lived and the example he gave for nearly the first forty years of his life.   Or, at least, he really seemed as if he were trying to do so.

The whole tale will not be told though.  After the prayers are said, after the tears are shed, there will come a dramatic pause and the President of the Untied States will eulogize him, laying to rest with his mortal remains any hint that his life was any less than one of great labor for and devotion to the “worthy causes” and the “good works”.

He will be remembered that way.  And, I do hope that it is the way he will have left on his final journey home.  It does no one good to speak ill of the dead, but, rather, to hope for their reconciliation.

St. Augustine of Hippo would have urged us to pray for him.  I will.

I should have prayed for him years ago, but I was too angry at him, then.  I can’t be anymore.  I only hope he sees and understands what he could not see and understand only a short time ago as he watches a long long line of people he could have helped, little people, waiting to greet him; people he could have helped, but chose not to; among them, certainly a young woman from somewhere in Pennsylvania whose life ended late one dark night.

Lord knows with that knowledge maybe he’ll be a good one to represent me in heaven, where I do hope he finally settles; the alternative being nothing to hope for anyone.  He can ask Augustine how to go about that, whom I have been asking for help for a number of years.

It is most Catholic, I think, the prayer “Good Saint Edward, pray for us.”  Most Catholic and most amazing for all of that.

“Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong!”

The link below will take you to a short clip about what some call the “Demigraphic Winter”. (I like the typo, because, of course, it does not tell the whole story. The actual word is “demographic”.) It describes the decline in population among First World countries and the rise in population of those in the Second and Third World; but particularly focuses on Muslims, and predicts their “conquering” of Europe and America, within the next century simply by force of numbers.

Well, duh!

There is also the obligatory call to arms at the end. “Do something,” my father used to say as we sat, bored and lazy teenagers, around the house, waiting for the paint to dry and complaining. “Do something, even if it’s wrong!” Of course for many people the time is long gone to do anything at all. All around us is the evidence that we have ignored the wise advice…was it a command?…of our Creator to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the Earth.

It started long ago when, in England I think, at one of the Lambeth Conferences, the Anglican Communion endorsed various methods of contraception among married couples. Of course it was only to be used for “grave” reasons.

The gravity of the reason is, of course, a matter of individual conscience (I am tempted to say “master of individual conscience”), and hilarious in the contemplation of its many circumstances. “Emmm, Algernon, dear, Henry is to be delayed at Commons this evening; something about that nasty Hitler fellow. And Millicent, I know, told me she would be at the Symphony. Isn’t that so? Have we a grave enough reason for you to swing round for a short time? I’m dying for another evening like last Thursday.”

I know it is now almost considered a sin to speak against such a thing, and I apologize to all those to whom I have to give offense.

Following on the heels of the Anglicans, various Protestant main line churches discovered the same liberality of approach was the decent thing to do, and gravely followed suit. (Pun intended) Married couples could enjoy themselves more when not worried about another mouth to feed. Women especially need not fear another dangerous pregnancy placing themselves and their children in jeopardy. This was a good thing for loving couples. Not mentioned, of course, was the fact that it was also a good thing for Adultery. But that’s of no consequence in this discussion…or is it?

About the only voice in the West which still spoke against contraception was the Catholic Church’s voice. There was great hope that it would open itself to seeing the wisdom of such a thing until Humanae Vitae hit the fan, as it were. Oral contraceptives had only recently become available, and many thought that the Catholics would finally see in them a natural means of avoiding what has come to be viewed by many, including people in high places, as a “punishment”…pregnancy. Of course with the advances in obstetric science and fertility enhancements and such like, if one has enough money one need never become pregnant at all.  Simply rent a womb and grow a kid.

Fade to black as they say in the movies, and come up on today. Or, perhaps it is better to stay in the black, because a certain bleakness confronts us, as the film clip demonstrates. Like leaves on the trees in a cold autumn wind birth rates all over the “liberated” west are dropping. At the same time, abortion, venereal disease, divorce and un-wed, single parent families are rising. In some places of this country, and in some whole countries, the number of children born to un-wed mothers exceeds the number born into two parent families (two parents of the opposite sex, that is). That one needs to make mention of that is a further symptom of the self-destructive madness of this diseased and self-indulgent end of the age.

Is this, then the time to go into a comfortable room, listen to the soft breezes and take a healthy draught of hemlock?

No, now is the time to re-visit the Demigraphics, because they do not tell the whole story. It is true of course that the total number of people being born in western nations is not enough to sustain the population. It is true that Muslim populations grow at an amazing rate. What is not mentioned are two things: In the first place, Christianity has not been erased in Muslim nations, though it has nowhere near the freedom that Islam has in the west. Even where it has been persecuted by Muslim rulers and societies, it has endured. Witness its return in places like Albania and Kosovo. In the second place, there are segments of western populations where the demographics show an increase in population. All of them are counter cultural: Home schooling families, Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hasidic Jews and God help us, “traditional” Roman Catholics.

So, follow the link, think about the message and then contemplate this. Two galaxies collide. Their component stars mix and mingle and what evolves centuries later resembles neither of the two original galaxies.  Is that to be?  What may a late 3rd Century pagan Roman have thought about Christianity?

The accuracy of that prediction is on the same level as the accuracy of the numbers in the video clip at the link below. But the truth is that there is a galaxy, and it is on a collision course with our own “galaxy”. The truth also is that there is Truth. What has been happening these last short eighty years is a lie and a self imposed Babylonian exile from the Truth.  Shall our exile continue, or come to and end?  May we find ourselves saying with Daniel, “We have in our day no prince prophet or leader,… no place to find favor with you…?”

We have been following my father’s dictum. And that’s wrong.  What is needed is Daniel’s advice.  We must “..(F)ollow You..with our whole hearts,and pray to You.”  That will be doing something right, no matter what may come.